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Palliative care
covering all aspects of end-of-life and palliative care in the community.
Care of older people
addressing the complex needs of frail older people at home.
Long-term conditions
supporting, managing and teaching self-care for long-term conditions.
Clinical Reviews
keep up-to-date with developments in clinical practice.
the latest primary care research.
Professional Issues
essential information on the issues facing community nurses, together with advice about career development.
Legal issues
guidance on the complex dilemmas that primary care nursing can present.
Cook's Column
Rosemary Cook, Director of the Queen's Nursing Institute, reviews the influence of policy on community nursing.
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British Journal of Community Nursing

The must-have resource for all community nurses
Alison While - Professor of Community Nursing, King's College London

British Journal of Community Nursing is now the only monthly journal for nursing in the home. And it has changed, to provide you with even more of the right information to help you care for your patients better. British Journal of Community Nursing will help you manage complex cases more effectively and improve your case management skills. It will help you to:

Provide better end-of-life care;
Meet the needs of frail older people with co-morbidities; and
Support, manage and teach self-care for long-term conditions.

The journal promotes excellence in clinical practice and articles are written by practitioners and peer-reviewed by leading authorities in the field. The journal is indexed on MEDLINE®- testament to the journal's quality and reputation.

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